Bats Out of Hell: The Dumbest "Improvements" Made To Baseball Bat Design

Much like its cousin, the baseball cap, the baseball bat seems pretty simple, at first glance. Take a reasonably cylindrical piece of wood, taper it as necessary, put a little nub on the end so your hands don't slip off, and swing. Hit the ball too low, and you'll pop it up. »4/07/15 4:16pm4/07/15 4:16pm

Baseball Bat Flashlight: Just the Trick For Beating Back Burglars

You can pretend you're just a baseball fanatic, or prefer batting practice at night, but there's really only one reason someone is going to buy this heavy-duty machined aluminum flashlight shaped like a baseball bat. It's for protection—or more likely—for delivering physical intimidation to one's enemies under the… »11/13/12 3:20pm11/13/12 3:20pm

Sales of Aluminium Baseball Bats Up 5,000% on Amazon After UK Riots

Aluminium baseball bats aren't the only weapon of defence that's proven popular on Amazon UK—wooden baseball bats are also up by 3,600 per cent; military police batons up by 5,000 per cent and the Zumba DVD workout set is up 342 per cent, which probably isn't related to the UK riots of the last few days. [Amazon UK »8/09/11 12:20pm8/09/11 12:20pm