BioLite KettleCharge: Charge Your iPad With Boiling Hot Water

BioLite's line of twig-burning, gadget-powering stoves has already cemented the brand as every wilderness geek's best friend. But now, the brilliant minds behind the CampStove are giving you off-grid power and potable water, both indoors and out. Say hello to the KettleCharge. » 8/04/14 5:00pm 8/04/14 5:00pm

BioLite's BaseCamp Stove Grills Your Food and Charges Your Gadgets

We're already well-acquainted with BioLite's ingenious brand of biofuel-burning (and gadget-charging) camp stoves. The startup's newest offering, though, takes the original CampStove and turns it into a grillmaster's group-friendly dream. » 5/14/14 12:41pm 5/14/14 12:41pm

You Can Get a Cheaper, Personal Version of Basecamp Now

A personal version of Basecamp, the well loved project management system for businesses, is out now for $25. Project management software sounds boring and staid and zzzzzzz and that's probably about right, but it's also crucial to, like, getting anything done, so this is nice for anyone who's got personal side… » 1/22/13 11:14am 1/22/13 11:14am