California Bureaucrats Are Throwing a Bubble Rave for At-Risk Salmon

In California, some impressionable, young Chinook Salmon in the Sacramento river are heading down the wrong path. A path leading towards death and destruction. A path otherwise known as the San Francisco Bay. To get these disenfranchised fish on the right track, the Department of Water Resources are installing an… »2/24/11 7:20pm2/24/11 7:20pm

Smartphone-Equipped Girl Scouts Will Let You Pay for Cookies With Credit Cards

Looking to push their cookie trafficking operation into the 21st century, Girl Scouts are now coupling Intuit's GoPayment system with Android and iOS smartphones to collect payments via credit card. In the past, the only thing limiting the amount of Thin Mints and Trefoils I bought was the amount of hard cash in my… »2/23/11 8:40pm2/23/11 8:40pm