Handlink Wi-Fi Base Station: Quick Net Access at Drop of a Coin

This gizmo from Handlink is clearly aimed at hotels, coffee shops and other public places where you may need net access, and you can't argue with the thinking in its design. Simply pop in some coins, grab the printout with your time-limited access codes, and then connect up your notebook, or phone to its 802.11b/g… »6/09/08 6:16am6/09/08 6:16am

Software Radios Boost Crappy Cellphone Reception Cheap and Easy

Mid-Tex Cellular systems out of De Leon, Texas is currently running both GSM and CDMA network using a software-based radio system on nine of of their cellular towers. Because the Vanu, Inc. designed software can be upgraded easily, there is no need for costly new hardware when supporting new or incompatible networks.… »11/20/07 8:10pm11/20/07 8:10pm

Tok Tak MP3 Player Looks Like Audio Jack, Comes with Base Station

Ah, holidays. Spend a couple of weeks on a faraway island, where the words "internet" and "connection" are met with baffled stares, and it's easy to forget what one's purpose in life actually is. And then you come across a concept gizmo like the Tok Tak and it all comes flooding back: The Giz! Her readers! Hot… »11/14/07 5:38am11/14/07 5:38am