Steve Ballmer Carried On Like A Maniac At The Clippers' Fan Festival

Steve Ballmer, who just bought the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion and is also that guy who screamed "DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!" at a conference one time, greeted Clippers fans at a fan festival today. He spent a good portion of his speech screaming like a crazy person, obviously. » 8/18/14 6:41pm 8/18/14 6:41pm

Live Out Your Hoop Dreams Anywhere With This Wireless Basketball Set

Nerf changed the way we all played indoor basketball without a proper court; replacing trash cans and balls of paper with plastic nets and foam balls. And now you can take your scaled-down game to near NBA-caliber levels with Eastpoint's new wireless hoops and scoreboard that keeps tab on time and points complete with… » 10/22/13 10:01am 10/22/13 10:01am

The World's First Basketball Watch Tracks How Good Your Game Is

These days there's a new rumor or smartwatch announcement every time you fire up the internet. But they're all designed to work alongside a smartphone doing boring things like display caller IDs or rejecting a call. Not the Hoop Tracker. This is the first watch designed to keep track of your prowess at the rim so you… » 8/27/13 4:23pm 8/27/13 4:23pm

These Low Tops with Curved Laces Are Somehow Basketball Shoes

Kevin Durant, the best basketball player in the world who isn't a hybrid of a beast and monster, has a new pair of shoes. And it's a low top. And it has a tongue that curves. And it basically looks like a soccer shoe. But it's for basketball and they're so bizarre looking that I think I'm falling for them. » 6/27/13 10:05pm 6/27/13 10:05pm

How Far Do You Run Playing Different Sports?

While watching sports, have you ever stopped (midway through a bowl of Cheetos) to wonder, "How far are those guys actually running?" It's a common question, one that's historically been subject mostly to guesswork, Thanks to some recent technological developments, though, we can now actually apply some data to it. » 4/03/13 2:20pm 4/03/13 2:20pm

The "10 Hidden Positions" in Basketball, in Beautiful Visualizations

Basketball is a complicated sport. It's got fewer traditional positions than any other team sport, but no less specialization, and far more fluid movement than many others. Two "point guards" can play drastically differently and still play the same basic position. Muthu Alagappan's research makes some sense of that. » 3/19/13 1:20pm 3/19/13 1:20pm

Inside the Camera Technology That's Changing How Basketball Is Played

That video up top is a play from a New York Knicks game agains the Toronto Raptors. It was captured and created using a video system called SportVU, which is licensed by 15 NBA teams from Stats LLC. Basically, they track where every player is for every second of every game. And for the first time, one of those teams … » 3/19/13 12:50pm 3/19/13 12:50pm

These Impossibly Light Basketball Shoes Kind of Feel Like Sweatpants…

Kobe Bryant, the most decorated basketball player still playing in the NBA, has a new pair of shoes, the Kobe VIII, that's so ridiculously light you can hardly tell you're wearing them. Weighing at only 9.6 ounces, the secret in its lightness is in Nike's new engineered mesh technology. It feels like sweatpants. » 11/29/12 7:15pm 11/29/12 7:15pm

Auto-Return Indoor Basketball Hoop Apparently Doubles as a Civil War…

Nerf's miniature basketball hoop changed indoor sports forever when it was introduced in the 1970s. But Franklin is revolutionizing lazy athletics once again with the Shoot Again Hoop that automatically returns a shot, apparently at cannonball speeds, so you never even have to get out of bed. » 11/27/12 4:00pm 11/27/12 4:00pm