Making the poster of The Shining was as intense as the movie itself

It's quite interesting to see the back and forth between two creative geniuses like Stanley Kubrick and Saul Bass working on the movie poster of The Shining. It wasn't an easy one for Bass, thanks to Kubrick's infamous obsessive perfectionism. The poster went through 300 versions before getting final approval. »8/08/14 10:05pm8/08/14 10:05pm


ButtKicker Wireless Kit, Because Your Couch Doesn't Shake Yet, Does It?

If you like your home theater seats to rumble, chances are you're heard of ButtKicker, the sort of subwoofer for you butt that adds a tactile component to movies and games. Now the company is announcing a new, moderately more affordable wireless bundle, Priced at $300, you get one complete Buttkicker setup (works on… »11/17/08 8:40am11/17/08 8:40am