Awesome dad built an even more awesome Batpod motorcycle for his kids

There's already a lot of responsibilities in being a parent. You gotta make sure your kids are fed. Make sure they bathe. Make sure they're safe. And make sure they don't become a menace to society. There's only one requirement in becoming an awesome parent though and it's this: build your kids an awesome Batpod… » 3/07/14 11:12pm 3/07/14 11:12pm

What Batman Would Ride, Were He a Skater—and Desperate

I'd imagine this is the sort of thing the Dark Knight would use as a last resort. If the Batmobile, Batwing and even Batpod were all out of commission, he'd still be able to run down baddies at 20 MPH using this gas-powered motorboard. » 11/19/11 1:20am 11/19/11 1:20am

The Bat Pod Replica You Can Actually Ride

Unlike the previous replica—which was more dragster than an actual road bike—it seems like this Bat Pod can actually be handled like any other motorcycle. Quite an impressive work: » 7/27/10 12:40pm 7/27/10 12:40pm

Own a Batpod From The Dark Knight For a Mere $100,000

Want to own the Batpod, Batman's motorcycle from The Dark Knight? Well, this one-of-a-kind working 1:1 replica of it could be yours for a mere $100,000 or best offer. Warning: you will definitely kill yourself trying to ride it. » 5/19/10 9:20pm 5/19/10 9:20pm

Limited Edition Dark Knight Blu-ray With Bat-Pod Display Case

We already knew » 10/22/08 4:40pm 10/22/08 4:40pm that a special edition of the upcoming Dark Knight Blu-ray release was going to drop alongside the standard version on December 9th, but the first images have only just leaked out from . Outside of the case, both versions are identical—so I find it hard to justify spending $65 on this thing (the…

DIY Batman Tumbler Is Nearly Perfect, Built With One Man's Bare Hands

Bob Dullam is a man possessed-by a lot of things, surely, but mainly by the drive to build this absolutely amazing working replica of Batman's current-gen Batmobile, the Tumbler. Our buddies over at Jalopnik have spotted it, and It's got it all-the afterburner, the huge honking double-barrel wheels, the… » 8/05/08 8:20pm 8/05/08 8:20pm

Batpod Makes Its Way to the British Formula One Grand Prix

One of the coolest things about the Batpod from the upcoming Dark Knight movie is the fact that it actually works. Previously seen being straddled by Meredith Viera on The Today Show, the decked out motorcycle burned rubber at the slightly more dignified British Formula One Grand Prix this weekend. Who else would… » 7/05/08 8:30pm 7/05/08 8:30pm

Joker Mobile Revealed? We Think So.

Guess what we got today from an anonymous Chicago that we believe to be of the Joker car from the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. And we immediately realized that it's not a car at all. It's a freakin' semi. Good call on the Joker's part, going all Terminator 2 with the setup (unlike the debunked… » 7/27/07 4:17pm 7/27/07 4:17pm

Batman's Batpod Captured on Video

Although not quite as sexy as watching Meredith Viera ride the Batpod, this spycam video of Batman's motorcycle on set gives you a good idea of how it'll look in the movie. [29motoguide via Jalopnik] » 7/23/07 6:00pm 7/23/07 6:00pm

Video of Batman's Motorcycle: The Batpod

Chris Nolan's hyping up the next Batman movie by lending the Batpod to the tech whizzles over at The Today Show. You saw it in pictures, now see it in video. Is it me or is Merideth Viera kinda hot when viewed at 320x230 resolution? She can pull our groins any time. » 6/19/07 12:37pm 6/19/07 12:37pm

Batman's Motorcycle Revealed

If Joker fetishist Mark Wilson had his way, the movie would be called Joker Begins: With Some Batman. He can take his purple mascara and his dumb purple car and shove it, because Batman and his Bat Motorcycle (the Batpod) is where it's at. » 6/18/07 3:45pm 6/18/07 3:45pm