LED Bath Temperature Floaty 10x More Useful and Beautiful Than Rubber Ducky

This watertight, multicolor LED housing sits in a bath and changes hues according to water temperature. Simple and a lot more effective than a simple faucet mounted sensor »11/07/08 8:00pm11/07/08 8:00pm that will not compensate for cooling off periods. But not as simple as dipping your toe into the water. If this were it, I'd probably recommend…

AquaRain Bath Fountain Puts on a Show Using Your Bathwater

I've never found bath time boring enough to need a water fountain and a light show, but in case you hate not being reminded of the Bellagio every time you step into the tub, the AquaRain is here to allay your washroom ADD. The AquaRain floats in your bathtub and pumps bathwater through its jets to create a fountain… »7/12/08 5:00pm7/12/08 5:00pm

Rotator Bath-cum-Shower (Stop Sniggering at the Back) is Confusing

I have a soft spot for Ron Arad. His Bookworm bookshelf was the first piece of designer furniture I craved (admittedly, this might have been due to the fact that it was up on the wall in the apartment of a boy I craved.) He has me confused now, though, with his this design for a bathtub-shower-thingie that… »4/17/08 5:50am4/17/08 5:50am