Too Hot or Too Cold? The Monkey's 'Fro Will Let You Know

This $3 monkey luffa has a head full of heat-senstive hair that changes from brown to yellow when it feels your bath is hot enough for you to jump in. [Product Page via Nerd Approved] » 4/06/09 10:40pm 4/06/09 10:40pm

Double Click Your Body to Cleanliness With the Soap Mouse

We've seen washable mouses and mouses you don't need to wash before, but have you ever thought of possibly washing yourself with a mouse?
» 2/18/09 1:30am 2/18/09 1:30am

Device for the Elderly and Infirm Mistakenly Pitched to the Rich and…

There's a fine line between being too lazy to do something and being physically unable to do something, which leads logically to the fact that there are more things in common between the very rich and the very old than you may think. Case in point, this "Neptune Portable Reclining Lift" which lux blog Born Rich deemed… » 7/09/08 11:45am 7/09/08 11:45am

Disco Bath Means There's a Party In My Tub and You're All Invited

The Underwater Disco Light Show is a small waterproof contraption that you chuck in the tub for a full-on psychedelic bath-time experience—although, if you want really full-on, it might help to get the hallucinogens in before you strip off your clothes and your dignity and jump in. Turn it on, and LED lights in four… » 4/25/08 9:40am 4/25/08 9:40am

Jean Nouvel's Faucets Have Touchsensing PlayStationish Buttons

Like many other architects, 2008 Pritzker winner Jean Nouvel also designs home objects, like these bathroom faucets and shower with touch sensor technology on four buttons which look taken from a PlayStation gamepad. Pressing the triangles will increase or decrease the temperature, while the circle will open the water… » 3/31/08 4:15pm 3/31/08 4:15pm

Duck Radio Thermometer Makes Bath Time Efficient!

Rub-a-dub-dub, a convergence ducky in the tub. This rubber plastic ducky has a couple features. It has an LCD display that will show the current water temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also acts as a radio to make bath time that much entertaining. $25. » 4/16/07 7:00pm 4/16/07 7:00pm

Wet Sounds: Waterproof Radio-DAP from JVC

Here's something for those of you who have enough time in the day to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub and don't think that sitting in dirty water is a repulsive habit. JVC have brought out a radio and DAP player that floats alongside you in the bath, pumping out your favorite tracks (ABBA's Waterloo? Smoke On The… » 3/30/07 8:56am 3/30/07 8:56am