The Bedpan Whisperer

How many bedpans is too many? 10? 50? Try 250. That's about how many bedpans and items of bedpan memorabilia Eric Eakin has collected thus far. "I have bedpan greeting cards, bedpan poems, bedpan jewelry, and bedpan salt-and-pepper shakers," he says. Eakin's also got plenty of vintage and antique bedpans, each one… » 11/14/14 1:22pm 11/14/14 1:22pm

Upgrade Your Water Fixtures with Today's Gold Box Deal

If you're still drinking unfiltered tap water, or using the shower head that came with your home or apartment like some kind of animal, today's a great chance to improve your home's water works. » 10/29/14 9:45am 10/29/14 9:45am

What Do You Do on Your Phone When You're in the Bathroom?

Look, we all do it. Ever since smartphones made the rack of toilet water-sprayed magazines obsolete, our alone time in the bathroom has gotten a lot more interesting. How do you fill the one-to-three minute void when you're, um, voiding yourself? » 10/10/14 2:37pm 10/10/14 2:37pm

A Redesigned Drain Cover Fixes the Worst Cleaning Chore In Your Home

Taking out the trash is never fun. Vacuuming the living room is rarely enjoyable. But few chores are as despised as having to clean the hair from the drain cover in your shower. Thankfully, a clever designer named Chen Wanting agrees, and has come up with a brilliantly simple solution allowing long hair to be just… » 10/02/14 1:10pm 10/02/14 1:10pm

The Best-Designed Bathrooms in America

The public restroom is not a place worth celebrating, generally speaking. It is a place of absolute necessity, awkward small talk, and worst case scenarios come true. Cintas, a company that specializes in—what else?—bathroom supplies, is dead set on changing that perception. Which is why it sponsors a contest to… » 9/16/14 9:00am 9/16/14 9:00am

Shame Bathroom Slobs That Don't Wash Their Hands With This DIY Alarm

Here's the deal: If you use a public bathroom for any reason, you need to wash your hands before you leave. Don't try and debate it, don't get defensive, just do it, or else you might be publicly shamed by this DIY alarm that lets everyone know your hands are probably a cesspool of disgusting. » 7/15/14 3:01pm 7/15/14 3:01pm

Why Is Toilet Paper Always White?

Toilet paper is an odd thing. Despite the fact that we often rub it against one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies on a daily basis, very little thought is ever given to where it came from or how it's made. (On that note, it might surprise you to learn that toilet paper wasn't commonly used in the United States… » 6/12/14 5:00am 6/12/14 5:00am

Kohler's New Kit Makes Your Toilet Hands-Free For $100

Self-flushing toilets are nothing new—you can find them in plenty of public restrooms—but they've never quite made it into the home successfully. Now, Kohler has an affordable, high-tech solution which means you'll never have to touch your home toilet again. » 5/06/14 4:30am 5/06/14 4:30am

Toilet Seats Should Have Come With Built-In Nightlights From Day One

Outside of cartoonish decals there hasn't been much innovation in the toilet seat industry for a few decades. So it's nice to see Kohler finally bringing something new to the table (err, toilet). A built-in LED nightlight means you'll never have to squint your way through an overnight bathroom break again. » 2/07/14 10:20am 2/07/14 10:20am

Toilet Paper Trends Reveal A Lot of Crap About Your Country

We all have to poop, but how we deal with it changes with age. For babies, it's diapers. For the elderly, it's, well, adult diapers. And, for most of the rest of us, it's toilet paper. » 1/20/14 4:05pm 1/20/14 4:05pm

Boldy Shower Where No Man Has Showered Before

Traditional aesthetics call for a monochrome shower curtain in your bathroom that elegantly matches the rest of the room's color motif. But as we all know, Star Trek fans are never much for norms, and there's no doubt ThinkGeek is going to sell a shuttle bay's worth of these clever transporter room shower curtain and… » 10/22/13 9:05am 10/22/13 9:05am

How to Silkscreen T-Shirts in Your Bathroom

Ever wanted to silkscreen your own graphic T-shirts at home? Don't. Moca TV shows us what it takes to make a professional looking T-shirt and the process is probably not worth effort. It takes expert squeegee skills, a whole lotta waterproof tape and of course a good design. Just wear your t-shirts plain. » 9/18/13 8:24pm 9/18/13 8:24pm

The Tongue Toothbrush Is the Grossest Way to Be Hygienic

Toothbrushes haven't changed much. Sure some fancy tech wiz brushes spin the bristles themselves but at the end of the day, after centuries of use, we still have to hold the damn thing. Not anymore. The T2T is a hands free toothbrush that you slip onto your tongue to do your teeth cleaning. It's the grossest way to be… » 3/19/13 12:40pm 3/19/13 12:40pm

Has It Really Taken This Long For Someone To Create Shower Curtain Ring…

There never seem to be enough places to hang wet towels and face cloths in the bathroom. So it's baffling to think it's taken this long for someone to come with the Branch—an enhanced shower curtain ring that brilliantly adds a pair of hooks. » 2/25/13 5:40pm 2/25/13 5:40pm

Dyson's Newest Airblade Could Change The Way Architects Think

While James Dyson is the obvious face of the company he founded in 1993, he isn't the only one tinkering away at high-powered blades or really sucky vacuums in Malmesbury, England. With over 700 some engineers under one roof, Dyson tasked Marcus Hartley with creating the new hybrid faucetAirblade Tap about two and a… » 2/04/13 9:01pm 2/04/13 9:01pm

Smartphone-Controlled Toilet Includes Built-in Speakers So You Can…

"Welcome. I am honored to accept your waste" says the Japanese toilet to Homer Simpson as a rainbow springs from the bowl. Japan is full of toilets from the ingenious to the insane and the country has built up a reputation as the origin of some of the world's most multi-functional commodes. » 12/14/12 9:40pm 12/14/12 9:40pm

This Shower Head Will Do Your Shower-Singing For You

Being able to listen to music in the shower is great, and it's no suprise there's a whole punch of products that cater to that specific silly-but-awesome luxury. Kohler is taking things a step further by straight-up building a speaker into a shower head. » 11/17/12 10:05am 11/17/12 10:05am

This Is the Best Toilet to Ever Play Goalie

Although it's probably completely against Fifa regulations, Japanese luxury toilet maker Toto has turned one of its commodes into what has to be the greatest soccer goalie ever. It's a step-up from the company's Poop-Powered Toiletcycle. But as impressive as it is, it's still pretty useless as far as toilet… » 10/29/12 3:40pm 10/29/12 3:40pm

This Shower Curtain Descends From The Ceiling Like Magic

It's common knowledge that anything descending from above is awesome. Superman. Rainbows. Felix Baumgartner. Our future alien overlords. All inherently better because they came from the heavens. Now, thanks to German ingenuity, our shower curtains can join these esteemed celestial ranks. » 10/16/12 6:40pm 10/16/12 6:40pm