This Insane Carbon Fiber Hammock Bathtub Is the Epitome Of Relaxation

The eternal debate—of whether to soak in the tub or lounge in a hammock—has just been rendered moot, thanks to this stunning carbon fiber hammock tub that lets you do both at the same time. Made by the UK company SplinterWorks, it's called the Vessel, and it makes for an awesome centerpiece for your bathroom,… » 6/21/13 9:32am 6/21/13 9:32am

Row, Row, Row Your Stress (and College Fund) Away In This Stone Bathtub…

Even though giant ocean-going freighters are able to float atop the waves, were your home ever to flood you probably wouldn't be able to take refuge in this 3,500 pound stone bathtub boat from Antonio Lupi. But that's ok, because if you blew your decorating budget on a $75,000 bathtub, the rest of your home will… » 3/15/13 1:40pm 3/15/13 1:40pm

Gold-Framed, Dual-HDTV-Wielding, GSM-Controlled Bathtub Won't Get You…

Sometimes, I think that certain products are designed to remind the owner just how rich they are at all times rather than their supposed purpose. Take this ludicrous Red Diamond bathtub, for example. It's got not one, but two waterproof HDTVs, can be controlled wirelessly via a built-in GSM module, and it's built of… » 5/23/08 12:40pm 5/23/08 12:40pm

Teuco Sorgente Bathtub Is a Bathroom Accident Waiting To Happen

When Teuco isn't creating ludicrously expensive cromoexperience showers for Adam Frucci, they're inventing jaw-dropping Sorgente bathtubs that straddle the line between extravagant cleanliness and modern art. That is, if by modern art you mean a dangerous, gaping hole in the floor of your bathroom. » 4/27/08 8:30pm 4/27/08 8:30pm