The Best Worst Batman Fanfic Features Donald Trump and an ATV “Batmobile”

When the faceless editors of Wikipedia decide an article is not fit for public consumption, it’s gone, only accessible to the site’s top editors—at least, it was. But now we’re keeping track of all the articles Wikipedia doesn’t see fit to print, to present you with very best of the site’s weirdest and worst. (Plus:…

Jonathan Nolan: 'Nothing That I Have Done Prepared Me' for the Challenge of Westworld

We’ve been anxiously awaiting HBO’s Westworld for what feels like forever. Originally, we hoped Westworld would arrive in 2015, then we heard 2016. And then production was shut down, and we heard it might be 2017 instead. What’s going on? We talked to showrunner Jonathan Nolan, and he filled us in.

Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie Has a Huge Opportunity and One Big Problem

So it’s official, after a few months of being semi-official: Warner Bros. is making a solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck. And it’s implied, but not definite, that the Argo director will direct. This is great news—Affleck is a gifted director, and Batman v. Superman paradoxically left us hungrier for a movie about…


What the Hell Is DC Comics' Rebirth, Anyway? (Updated!)

This week everything changes for the DC comics universe again... kind of. All the talk of DC Rebirth lately—especially the recent news about events kicking off this new story—might have you a bit unsure of what’s ahead for Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and friends. But don’t worry! We’re here to explain exactly…