Return of the Caped Crusaders Shows Why Batman Is Truly the World's Greatest Detective

One of the greatest joys of Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader (and there are many) is how Batman deduces the clues hidden in Riddler’s riddles. And by “deduces,” I mean “makes logical leaps no human would ever see and everyone acts like what he somehow came up with was totally obvious and they’re the weird ones.”

Comic Writer Christopher Priest on Luke Cage, Dwayne McDuffie, and One of Batman’s Biggest Dick Moves

The man who’s currently writing DC’s excellent Deathstroke series has had one of the most eventful careers in comics. At New York Comic-Con last week, he talked about helping Luke Cage stop being a laughingstock and his first meeting with the legendary comic writer who helped found Milestone Media. (Also, Batman being…


Star Wars, Batman, Rick & Morty, and More Lead an Insane Lineup of Exclusive New York Comic-Con Art

If you’re attending New York Comic-Con, you’re going to want to visit Bottleneck Gallery at Booth #2171—just be prepared to stand in line. The gallery has an unbelievable lineup of exclusive limited edition art that it will be releasing all throughout the weekend, and we’re stoked to premiere a few of the pieces.