The Future of Pancakes Is in a Spraycan, and It Tastes Like Hickory…

You've heard of Batter Blaster, the surprisingly tasty pancake that's sprayed out of a can. That was just the beginning. Here's our exclusive look inside the Batter Blaster R&D lab fridge, and what's coming next. To start: Bacon. Flavored. Pancakes. » 9/24/10 6:55pm 9/24/10 6:55pm

Batter Blaster Spews Canned Pancakes Like They're Easy Cheese

Pancakes are a pain in the ass to make, but not any more with Batter Blaster. Just spray this organic pancake goo onto a hot skillet and your steamy breakfast is just a couple of minutes away, bacon not included. If you don't mind using Cheez Whiz Easy Cheese in its spray can, this looks like just about the same… » 10/26/07 12:15pm 10/26/07 12:15pm