Want To Watch BattleBots In Person? Wait, That's Not Even A Question

Down here on God’s green earth, there are few things more enjoyable than watching two hand-built robots, lovingly crafted from sweat and silicon tears, shredding each other into unrecognisable chunks. And whilst you could watch this spectacle on TV, you could also pay the low, low price of $11.54, and go see it live. »4/22/15 11:55pm4/22/15 11:55pm

BattleBots Is Back After Ten Years, And It's Bound To Be Incredible

Oh hell yes: BattleBots is coming back to TV. This summer, homemade robots will battle to the death on television, just as Asimov intended. They'll be faster and stronger than ever before. Which makes sense, because the last time BattleBots was on television was over a decade ago. Imagine what they could do now. »2/06/15 7:31pm2/06/15 7:31pm

Watch the Muhammad Ali of BattleBots Destroy Everything in Its Path

There are "battle bots" and then there are "utter, one-sided destruction bots." The two-wheeled harbinger of destruction called Last Rites fits in that second category. Powered by an over-volted golf cart motor and wielding a spinning hammer-blade of doom, it's really a force to behold. And the folks over at Distort »6/27/13 9:45am6/27/13 9:45am

Casio EX-F1 Captures Battlebot Devastation In Super Slow-Mo

Our friend Robert Woodhead is at it again: He took his battlin' bot Totally Offensive—and his trusty Casio Exilim EX-F1—to Carolina Combat Robots for some "test procedures" in preparation for the RoboGames in San Francisco June 13-15. End result: Mayhem ensuing at 300 frames per second, with some sparks flying, some… »5/29/08 9:00pm5/29/08 9:00pm