Dive into This Digital USS Arizona in the Name of Conservation

For nearly three quarters of a century, the USS Arizona has rested practically untouched in the waters of Pearl Harbor, acting as both the final resting place of and enduring tribute to the 1100 marines and sailors that lost their lives aboard it. Today, the National Park Service and Autodesk unveiled the results of… »5/26/14 5:30pm5/26/14 5:30pm


Maker Faire: Remote Controlled Battleships Fighting With BB Gun Cannons

Why do I need goggles to watch R/C ships sailing in a pond? Because these replicas of WWII battleships fire C02-powered projectiles. In the video above, you can see munitions bounce off the plexi shields protecting the crowd and make splashes as they ricochet off enemy hulls. The Western Warship Combat Club is… »5/03/08 6:40pm5/03/08 6:40pm