BBM for iOS and Android Hands-On: The Best Blackberry Thing In Years?

Even as Blackberry has fallen from grace over the last few years, its proprietary messaging service BBM has remained a solid, well-designed product. A few months back, the company announced plans to bring the product to iOS and Android. We were excited then, and after spending a few minutes with the final build of… » 9/19/13 7:19pm 9/19/13 7:19pm

The New BBM Lets You Make Free Voice Calls Over Wi-Fi

The last vestige of BlackBerry in the modern world, BBM, has a slick new feature that could stave off the overpopulation of BlackBerry's in recycling bins and possibly please the few suit wearing keyboard lovers left: the new BBM 7.0 has something called BBM Voice, a feature that basically offers free voice calling… » 11/14/12 12:23am 11/14/12 12:23am