Problems With Blu-ray's BD-J Spec Causes Headaches For Early Adopters

Remember when we talked about inconsistent »6/07/07 3:00pm6/07/07 3:00pm Blu-ray BD-Java implementation and how it would cause problems for users? This video illustrates what we mean. A guy recorded himself updating the firmware of his Sony Blu-ray player, then attempting to go and play the Liar's Dice game in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. The…


Pioneer and Sony's Blu-Ray Players Choke on The Descent. More Proof They're Identical?

Despite Sony's "official" statement that their BDP-S1 standalone Blu-Ray player only uses similar parts to the Pioneer BDP-HD1, there's been more than a few similarities noted in their reviews. The Pioneer and the Sony players all have the same format support, menus, disc drives, back panels, and load times. Now, with… »1/02/07 7:25pm1/02/07 7:25pm