Pioneer Confirms BDP-51FD and Elite BDP-05FD Profile 1.1 Blu-ray Players; "Super-Duper" BD-Live Player Coming This Fall

When the other Blu-ray heavies Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are in various stages of introducing Ethernet-equipped BD-Live players (aka BD Profile 2.0), Pioneer comes out with two players, the $600 BDP-51FD and the $800 Elite BDP-05FD, that meet just the 1.1 spec, for picture-in-picture BonusView content. We heard… »5/07/08 9:00am5/07/08 9:00am


Panasonic's DMP-BD30 Is the $500 Next-Gen Blu-ray Player To Beat

Last week Samsung told us its hybrid BD-UP5000 Duo would be the very first next-gen Blu-ray player. Today, Panasonic rolls out theirs, with plans to deliver even faster. The $500 DMP-BD30 will meet the requirements of BD Profile 1.1, also known as "Final Standard Profile." This will be the only next-gen Blu-ray player… »10/30/07 4:00pm10/30/07 4:00pm

Samsung's Already Awesome HD Disc Hybrid BD-UP5000 Upgraded to Profile 1.1 (Bye Bye Format Bitching)

Click to viewSamsung's HD disc player was going to be the first to do both HD DVD and Blu-ray completely right. But now, it's perfect: Samsung just sent us an alert saying the dual-format BD-UP5000 Duo HD player will come hardware-ready for BD Profile 1.1—at least 256MB of internal storage, secondary audio and video… »10/24/07 10:57am10/24/07 10:57am