Sony's BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player Officially $300 and BD-Live Capable

Not only did Sony's mainstream BDP-S350 Blu-ray player finally get its firmware update to be fully compatible with the net-interactive BD-Live (BD 2.0) content already hitting stores, but it also got that $100 price reduction we told you about »9/29/08 2:40pm9/29/08 2:40pm. Even on the MSRP-only Sony Style site, it's $299.99, which means it could…


Pioneer Sneaks Out $2200 Elite BDP-09FD; First Blu-ray Player That Crushes the PS3

Last May Pioneer told us that autumn would bring a "super duper" Blu-ray player »8/22/08 5:05pm8/22/08 5:05pm—the most powerful Blu-ray player ever built. It makes up for the current crop, which are lower in price but are missing key features like BD-Live for internet-based content. Well, not a leaf has fallen off a tree, yet here it is already,…

Pioneer Confirms BDP-51FD and Elite BDP-05FD Profile 1.1 Blu-ray Players; "Super-Duper" BD-Live Player Coming This Fall

When the other Blu-ray heavies Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are in various stages of introducing Ethernet-equipped BD-Live players (aka BD Profile 2.0), Pioneer comes out with two players, the $600 BDP-51FD and the $800 Elite BDP-05FD, that meet just the 1.1 spec, for picture-in-picture BonusView content. We heard… »5/07/08 9:00am5/07/08 9:00am

Panasonic's DMP-BD50 Their First BD-Live Blu-ray Player

Today in NYC, Panasonic showed off its DMP-BD50, the company's first BD-Live Blu-ray 2.0 player—and the second in the market besides the PlayStation 3—setting the price at $700. It's an improvement over the DMP-BD30, which will stay on the market as a $500 step-down. In addition to BD-Live (and the requisite Ethernet… »5/06/08 11:44am5/06/08 11:44am

BDP-S350 and S550: Sony's First Full 2.0 Spec Blu-ray Players

PS3 aside, the Blu-ray players Sony sold up until now are worthy of only your garbage can. Now that HD DVD is dead like a doornail, the 800-lb. gorilla is getting serious. The $400 BDP-S350 will feature an Ethernet port, USB port for connecting external storage and "BonusView" picture-in-picture capability (from the… »2/26/08 3:01am2/26/08 3:01am