Pioneer's New External Blu-Ray Burner Is Lighter and Thinner than a…

The Cloud may be a hot topic in storage but it's not very convenient when you've got more than a couple of Gigs of data to backup. Pioneer's new external Blu-Ray burner can handle up to 128GB with its half inch-tall frame—the World's thinnest. » 1/06/12 3:01am 1/06/12 3:01am

LaCie d2 External Blu-ray Burner Joins the 8x Crew

Even though 8x media is still hard if not impossible to come by here in the States, Lacie's new d2 external burner will be ready for it when it's here. It's $450, available now. » 2/09/09 7:40pm 2/09/09 7:40pm

OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray Drive Loves Everyone, Everything

The OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray "Quad Interface" drives are Blu-ray burners that happen to be compatible with every interface both under and over the sun. The 4X Panasonic-based BD-R drives work on PCs or Macs, and champion the title as the world's first Blu-ray burners to connect to Firewire 400, Firewire 800, eSATA and » 10/22/08 12:09pm 10/22/08 12:09pm

Sony's BWU-300S Blu-ray Recorder Burns 50GB in 30 Minutes

Not to be outdone by the folks at Buffalo » 9/24/08 12:15pm 9/24/08 12:15pm, Sony's latest internal SATA BD recorder can achieve 8x writing speeds on the latest , for zapping 25GB in 15 minutes and 50Gb in 30. DVDs are also written, of course, at 16x. It's $400 and shipping next month, with an included Blu-ray disc from the good folks at Sony…

Sony Has Blu-ray Recorder Frenzy: Six New Models, with HDD Recording Too

Sony has had a little splurge of Blu-ray action, and come up with six new models of BDR-recorders/players that also sport hard drives which can record HD video. The T-series, BDZ-T55 and BDZ-T75 are the basic models, with 320GB hard drives, BD Live and memory-card ports and DLNA (on the T75). The L-series models… » 9/03/08 4:47am 9/03/08 4:47am

LG's N4B1 Network NAS Auto-Backs-Up Your Files to Blu-ray Disc

Though it sounds more like a droid-designation than a useful product, the N4B1 from LG is a combined network HDD bay and Blu-ray disc recorder: Much better than pairing a BDR-recorder with a VHS drive » 8/25/08 5:10am 8/25/08 5:10am. It's got space for up to four HDDs inside (supporting up to 4TB total capacity) and three USB ports and an extra…

Panasonic's DMR-BR630V Blu-ray Disc Recorder Does VHS Tapes Too

A Blu-ray » 8/25/08 4:26am 8/25/08 4:26am disc recorder and a VHS video tape machine may seem unlikely bedfellows, but that hasn't stopped Panasonic from wrapping them up together in the same box for the DMR-BR630V. The 630V can write BDRs at six times speed, has digital and analog tuners, new second-gen MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 encoder chips as well as all…

Delkin Archival Gold Blu-Ray Discs Keep Your Data Good for Two Centuries

Manufacturers are powering up on their Blu-ray disc development, now the format war's over: just two weeks ago we had the 6x speed ones, and now Delkin has these archive-quality discs. According to Delkin they're the first BDs "guaranteed to preserve data safely for over 200 years" and they use some sort of patented… » 6/29/08 8:00pm 6/29/08 8:00pm

Panasonic's New Blu-ray Discs are World's First 6x Speed Burnable

Panasonic is doing its part to see Blu-ray make even more of a success with its new LM-BR25MD and LM-BR50MD disks for home disc-burning. Both are single-sided, write-once BD-Rs, compatible with Blu-ray Disc Recordable Format version 1.3, and they're 25GB and 50GB-sized. They'll be released in Japan in July, at a price… » 6/18/08 10:28am 6/18/08 10:28am