Vudu Makes LG BD390 the Ultimate Video Streaming Blu-ray Player

If you want a Blu-ray player that's not a PS3, buy LG's BD390. The first with built-in Wi-Fi, now it's got Vudu 1080p streaming (like LG's TVs) in addition to Netflix, CinemaNow and other features that make Blu-ray a sideshow. » 9/09/09 3:00pm 9/09/09 3:00pm

LG BD390 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player Review: So Packed You'll Forget About Blu

Samsung currently ships two Blu-ray players with Wi-Fi dongles, but LG's $400 BD390 is first with real integrated Wi-Fi. It's probably the best all-around Blu-ray player there is at the moment, and it's getting better. » 5/15/09 12:00am 5/15/09 12:00am