Blu-ray Players Have Problems With Pirates of the Caribbean Discs

If you've just purchased the first two Pirates movies on Blu-ray in order to get psyched up for the third one, you probably came up with a whole lot less Johnny Depp and a whole lot more firmware problems than you expected. Apparently at least two players—Samsung's BD-P1200 and Sony's BDP-S1—have difficulty playing… »5/25/07 5:40pm5/25/07 5:40pm

Pioneer and Sony's Blu-Ray Players Choke on The Descent. More Proof They're Identical?

Despite Sony's "official" statement that their BDP-S1 standalone Blu-Ray player only uses similar parts to the Pioneer BDP-HD1, there's been more than a few similarities noted in their reviews. The Pioneer and the Sony players all have the same format support, menus, disc drives, back panels, and load times. Now, with… »1/02/07 7:25pm1/02/07 7:25pm

First Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1 Blu-ray Review (Verdict: Identical to Sony?)

If you read the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player review, you'd have a good idea of what the Pioneer BDP-HD1 player could do. Because, strangely enough, they are identical. HDGuru found that the back panel, disc drive, menus, format support, and capabilities were exactly the same between the two players, down to the time it… »12/11/06 7:34pm12/11/06 7:34pm