Pharrel, Elton John, and more sing God Only Knows in spectacular video

To promote the launch of the newest BBC Music channel, the network gathered an exclusive cast of musicians—including Pharell, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and more—to sing The Beach Boys' classic God Only Knows. The video also displays some spectacular settings like jungles with tigers and hot air balloons. »10/08/14 11:22pm10/08/14 11:22pm


The Plaid Shirt: Rebellion, Grunge and a Touch Flamboyance

Plaid shirts will always represent for me Kurt Cobain, riot grrrls and grunge music. That's because I'm self-centered and lived my twenties in the '90s. But today when I see my husband putting on a plaid shirt, it inspires entirely different connotations. He couldn't be less grunge, but he is a certified geek. And it… »3/02/12 4:20pm3/02/12 4:20pm