These Aerial Beach Photos Were Shot While Dangling from a Helicopter

Antoine Rose shoots photographs from the air. He shoots them hanging off the edge of a helicopter thousands of feet above ground—in wind, in subzero temperatures, in the dark. But sometimes the conditions are just right for a day at the beach, and Rose captures these surreal, candy-colored images of the sand and… »8/21/14 12:12pm8/21/14 12:12pm

A Town's Famous Bioluminescent Bay Is Going Dark and No One Knows Why

For those who've seen it—and photographs don't do it justice—the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay is one of the world's most spectacular natural sights. Tiny plankton known as dinoflagellates light up the water like a glow stick at night. But since January, the glow has faded, throwing the entire Puerto Rican town into a… »6/06/14 6:41pm6/06/14 6:41pm

Australian Sharks Will Now Be Tweeting Their Locations

There's a great, bloody shark war going on in Western Australia right now. After six deaths in two years—making Western Australia the deadliest place on earth for shark attacks—the state has ratcheted up its side of the war by deciding to kill sharks. Lots of 'em. Any shark within one kilometer of the beach will be… »12/28/13 7:00pm12/28/13 7:00pm

Modular Beach Pavilions Are Replacing the Ones Hurricane Sandy Ruined

It's been seven months since Hurricane Sandy ravaged New York City-area beaches, decimating facilities like lifeguard stations and changing rooms, and it's been a race against the clock to get the beaches back in shape for the summer season. As part of the rebuilding effort, Garrison Architects were tapped to create… »5/17/13 1:00pm5/17/13 1:00pm

Seaweed-Sucking Truck to Clean Spain's Hottest Beaches

Keeping Alicante's miles of shoreline pristine for the multitudes of beachgoers that congregate to the Mediterranean city every year is no small feat—what with all the seaweed that washes up there. Problem is, the city's existing seaweed mitigation techniques end up eroding the beaches they're meant to clean. This… »5/08/13 11:30am5/08/13 11:30am