Watch an incredible laser beam zap out art at blazing speeds

Damn. That laser is something. It’s a specially designed LasX proton laser art system that blasts a beam to make art at lightning speeds. The CAD file for the design, called After Sunset, was created by Andy Gikling and was imported to the laser control software and then zapped out onto the chalkboard to etch the… » 6/11/15 2:59am 6/11/15 2:59am

Each BEAM Nightlight Has Photography Shot Just For You

No two BEAM nightlights are alike, thanks to photographer Ernest Goh and designer Daniel Pillai. The case, nearly a meter long, employs 40 LEDs to light a strip of medium format transparency film. Instead of using a reproduced sheet of photos, the BEAM lights up an entirely unique strip individual to your nightlight.… » 7/06/07 12:40pm 7/06/07 12:40pm