Pencil Shavings Make Good Portraits

This is why I am not an artist. When I see pencil shavings, I scoop them up and throw them in the trash. UK artist and designer Kyle Bean, though, keeps them as raw material for a new creation. » 7/19/11 1:54am 7/19/11 1:54am

The Sony Bean is Dead

Sony has discontinued its sexy, sly bean MP3 player, hinting that it may have something better up its sleeve—debatable—and that this might not be the end of the bean—debatable. The Bean appeared last April to great fanfare and promptly fell off the radar as the Nano sucked up its market share. The bugger did get 50… » 2/17/06 11:18am 2/17/06 11:18am

The Sony Bean - Robot Poop or Next-Gen ATRAC Player?

It appears the Aibo is having some intestinal distress. The Sony Bean, which is shaped like a bean, is a small flash player with one-line OLED screen that is described as "Playful, Powerful, and Compact." Playful and compact I can live with, but powerful might be a stretch. » 8/18/05 2:23pm 8/18/05 2:23pm