Cover Your Walls In Brooklyn With This Wallpaper By Beastie Boy Mike D

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a tour of the amazing Brooklyn townhome Beastie Boy Mike D lives in with his family. The house is super cool, but most of the stuff inside is either one-of-a-kind or wildly expensive, by non-famous-person standards. Except for the amazing Brooklyn-themed wallpaper that Mike D… »6/14/13 5:20pm6/14/13 5:20pm


An Interview With the Artists Behind the Beastie Boys' Album Artwork

As part of an upcoming special issue that pays tribute to Adam Yauch—aka MCA—by looking at the visual history of the Beastie Boys, Juxtapoz magazine conducted interviews with the artists behind the group's memorable album art. And while this three-minute highlight doesn't go into as much detail as the magazine will,… »5/15/13 10:26am5/15/13 10:26am

Clever Video Editing Almost Makes You Forget Sure Shot Isn't a Sesame Street Song

The new Beastie Boys music video is pretty awesome, is it not? But considering it was directed by Spike Jonze, that's not at all surprising. Here's what (the controversial) Final Cut X and about four days' time is capable of, via the fine effort from the folks at Wonderful Creative. [Vimeo via Jezebel] »7/20/11 6:00am7/20/11 6:00am