Basement Monster Skeleton Discovered By Cable Installer

This skeleton of a dead (?) basement monster was found by a worker installing cable beneath a house, leaving the terrified resident to wonder what kind of goblin lair lies just beneath the floorboards. Is the creature a wild animal? A lost pet? Or is this something science cannot (or will not) explain? » 7/13/13 5:46pm 7/13/13 5:46pm

Theo Jansen Starts Pumping Out 3D Strandbeests On Demand

Theo Jansen's amazing-yet-slightly-haunting Strandbeests are something we've featured here before, but that was usually the work of someone else, and you would have to observe. Now, courtesy his partnering up with Shapeways, you can create your own. » 5/01/11 1:00pm 5/01/11 1:00pm