I want to spend an eternal summer on this sailboat

This is Salt, the newest yacht concept by Lujac Desautel. It is a sailboat. It has a clean design. It is very pretty. It is not my ideal sailboat—I like classic lines—but it is the kind of ship that I imagine Steve Jobs would have wanted instead of the horror he actually got. I would happily live in it forever. » 3/06/15 4:18pm 3/06/15 4:18pm

Spectacular new photo of a very special star

These underwater animals are so amazingly unreal they feel CGI

I'm flabbergasted. I have never seen anything like the closeup images of marine life captured in this short film by Sandro Bocci. Most of them truly look like beings from another planet. » 2/19/15 5:15pm 2/19/15 5:15pm

The thrill of flying with a wingsuit in a beautiful slow motion video

There are many cool wingsuit videos out there, some show crazy close calls, others insane stunts, but this is the first time I've seen something like this. This video, shot in slow motion with several cameras, it's so beautiful and relaxing that it makes me want to try it. » 2/18/15 4:30pm 2/18/15 4:30pm

Making pasta by hand is a relaxing, beautiful process

I know Chef Evan Funke of Bucato is making pasta in this video—I see it and it's absolutely beautiful—but it almost looks like he's playing a musical instrument. There's so much skill in his work and so much grace in his movements that I can't help but feel like I'm watching an artist at work. » 2/12/15 11:30pm 2/12/15 11:30pm

The phenomenal alien worlds of Jesse van Dijk

If you have played Destiny, you are familiar with Jesse van Dijk's phenomenal work. His work as lead concept artist at Bungie have resulted in incredibly vast settings full of detail. His architecture feels real, with purpose, history, character. His titanic machinery, overwhelmingly heavy, solid. » 2/06/15 2:26am 2/06/15 2:26am

Beautiful tilt-shift photos turn the Universe into precious jewels

The Universe is an incredible place that defies belief. We take it for granted because the distances and scale is so alien to our little tiny pale blue dot that our brains can't even process them. Maybe that's why Italian artist St. Tesla turns galaxies and nebulae into tiny precious jewels. » 2/05/15 11:28pm 2/05/15 11:28pm

The Doomsday Svalbard Seed Vault looks like a magic portal at night

I didn't know that the Svalbard Seed Vault—the doomsday ark that will keep safe the seeds for 820,619 plants in case of nuclear war, massive natural catastrophes, or asteroid impacts—looked this amazing at night. It clearly looks the part. High five, architects. » 2/04/15 11:32pm 2/04/15 11:32pm

Diver runs under water faster than on the ground in surreal video

These nearly-invisible sea creatures fill the oceans with stellar beauty

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) put an amazing photo set not long ago showing us the smallest marine creatures living in our planet's seas and oceans. They look like Hubble photos of nebulas and stars. » 1/24/15 4:03pm 1/24/15 4:03pm

None of these animations use CGI

Susi Sie refuses to use computer animation and effects. She just likeI'm s to explore all kinds of physical substances and push it around to create amazing animations. Some of her work defies belief as in "I can't bloody believe these are made just using real stuff and not computers." This is her showreel: » 1/19/15 9:30pm 1/19/15 9:30pm

The matte paintings of the original Star Wars trilogy and their creators

Before the computing era, ILM was the master of oil matte painting, making audiences believe that some of the sets in the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogy were real when they weren't. They were the work of geniuses like Chris Evans, Mike Pangrazio, Frank Ordaz, Harrison Ellenshaw, and Ralph McQuarrie. » 1/19/15 7:24am 1/19/15 7:24am

A beautiful starling murmuration

If you like starling murmurations you'll get a mental orgasm with this stunning video filmed by Alpacamedia in Utretch, Netherlands. Just sit back, take it to full screen, hit play, and the rest of the world will fade away while you watch thousands of birds dance to a mysterious silent song. » 1/16/15 10:16pm 1/16/15 10:16pm

These are the most amazing aerial photos of New York ever, period

It's always exciting to receive a message from a master like Vincent Laforet telling you about his new photos. This time he has outdone himself (once again!) so I had to share it right away. Never in my life I've seen New York from this perspective and with this stunning quality—so perfect it feels unreal. » 1/10/15 8:03pm 1/10/15 8:03pm

New gorgeous Guardians of the Galaxy concept art revealed

Olivier Pron was the lede matte painter for Guardians of the Galaxy. His concepts for the movie sets—and other movies and personal projects—are extremely cool. I love the Chris Foss-iness of Xandar, the home planet of the Nova Corps. The rest of his work is equally great. I wish I could roam his worlds with an Oculus… » 1/08/15 9:17pm 1/08/15 9:17pm

Extraordinary drone video is a beautiful portrait of New York City

Sploid loves awesome places, which is why we have a series dedicated to beautiful cities. Awesome places like New York City, which looks incredibly beautiful in Victor Chu's aerial film of the five boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. » 1/08/15 7:18am 1/08/15 7:18am

From space, the Nile looks like a cosmic King Cobra made of light

Stunning image of the Nile River and the cities all along its path captured by astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore while flying over North Africa onboard the International Space Station. It looks like King Cobra made of light, with the heading Cairo. Somewhere in another dimension, the pharaohs are smiling. » 1/06/15 11:18pm 1/06/15 11:18pm

Fantastic landscape photography makes Earth look like a magic dimension 

Greg Boratyn captures landscapes with absolute perfection. The photo above, taken in Patagonia, Argentina, using multiple exposures while the rising moon was hitting at the right angle, is a perfect example. This gallery has a lot more. » 12/30/14 6:46am 12/30/14 6:46am

Amazing drawings are actually made of insanely complex cut paper

Maude White shows impossible skills and infinite patience in her beautiful series of illustrations made entirely up of paper, with no pencil or ink. She turns the paper into the lines of the drawing by subtracting tiny pieces out of it with an X-acto knife—an extremely delicate process. » 12/29/14 7:16am 12/29/14 7:16am

Impressive new image of Saturn from above the ecliptic plane

Our friend Val Klavans sent me a Christmas present this morning: A color photo of Saturn as you would have seen it if you were riding the spacecraft Cassini on December 21, 2014. Saturn's north polar hexagon stands out prominently while the rings encircle the planet. You can see the hexagon storm on its north pole. » 12/25/14 4:46pm 12/25/14 4:46pm