David Beckham Gets a Gold iPod Touch

We thought Beckham had been officially exiled from his home country, but apparently he's back and captaining their squad . His teammates were sooooo thrilled at his return that they all chipped in and purchased a gold iPod Touch (probably from these people) and engraved his name on the back. Not only that, they… » 4/02/08 2:20pm 4/02/08 2:20pm

Motorola Chooses David Beckham As Brand Ambassador

When he's not too busy bending things like balls and his Spice Girl wife, David Beckham will be hawking promoting Motorola, maker of cellphones, cable modems and other assorted goodies. A three year deal worth more money than necessary, Beckham will begin selling his soul during the ongoing World Cup, being seen only… » 6/13/06 4:02pm 6/13/06 4:02pm

Thieves Using Laptops To Steal High Tech Cars

The ballsy blokes suspected to have stolen two of Becks' BMW X5s did so by using software on a laptop to hack into the car's computer. Once in, they opened the doors, started the ignition, and drove away with the feeling you only get when you steal from a guy who can afford it—not that we know what that feels like, or… » 5/04/06 9:18am 5/04/06 9:18am