There Is Such Thing As a Beer Pong Arcade Game

If you combined a horizontal version of skee ball and a super small version of pop a shot, you would get this beer pong arcade machine. It takes all the basic tenets of beer pong (ping pong balls, red solo cups, etc.) but forgets the most important part: DRINKING. In the arcade version of beer pong, you just try and… » 3/28/13 7:20pm 3/28/13 7:20pm

The Most Ridiculous Beer Pong Table Ever Automatically Washes Your Balls

A group of electrical engineering students at West Virginia University has built the most insane beer pong table ever. It's got lights all around that react to the music playing as well as a pair of built-in swirling ball washers. It's incredible. They're taking orders for them now if you want one of your own, but be… » 5/09/08 2:30pm 5/09/08 2:30pm