How the Amazing Beer That Pours From the Bottom of the Glass Works

Do you remember that jaw dropping video that showed beer being poured through the bottom of the glass? It all works because of this simple magnet attached to the bottom of the cup. The magnet raises up, to open, when being filled with the BottomsUP tap and keeps closed when you're drinking the brewski. Smart. »2/10/11 11:20am2/10/11 11:20am


Countertop Beer Cooler and Tap, Just in Time for Labor Day

Slip a five-liter keg of your favorite brew into this Countertop Beer Cooler and Tap, and satisfy that beer jones in style. The thing even has an LED showing adjustable temperature. It has another advantage over some of the other countertop taps we've seen, too, because it lets you take it on the road or on the boat… »8/21/07 10:45am8/21/07 10:45am