How to Create Plasma from a Beer Bottle in a Microwave

Now, this is what microwaves were invented for—forget about reheating your coffee, or drying your underpants out in an emergency, or heating your pajamas. Nope, if you're Washington University research engineer William J. Beaty, it's all about melting beer bottles and making glowy yellow plasma in your kitchen. [… »2/14/08 10:16am2/14/08 10:16am

Cut a Beer Bottle Cleanly in Half With a Piece of String

We always thought you needed a fancy glass cutter to split a beer bottle this cleanly, but here's a way to do that with some good old-fashioned acetone nail polish remover and a short piece of string. The video isn't showing us how long to wait after placing that acetone-soaked string around the bottle. Hmm. Is this… »11/15/07 1:40pm11/15/07 1:40pm