This Carpenter Bee Can't Sting You, But He's Certainly Giving You the Eye

He looks like a bumble bee, but this is Xylocopa virginica, the Virginia Carpenter Bee. While females have a stinger, the males don’t, but they do step to other males who invade their turf, watching over females and young. “Carpenter” comes from the bees’ nesting habits: they tunnel into wood to lay eggs. »8/17/15 9:17pm8/17/15 9:17pm

Video explains why bees are dying and how that seriously screws humans

Bees are extremely important to the way we live. One out of every 3 meals we eat is made possible because of bees and if they died out, plants would die, some foods will stop existing and millions of humans would starve. Seriously! Kurz Gesagt tries to explain why honey bees are dying and what it means for humanity. »7/10/15 7:25pm7/10/15 7:25pm

Awesome time lapse shows the entire transformation of bees as they hatch

Watch bees hatch right before your eyes in this stunningly clear time lapse that tracks the growth from larva to pupa to the full grown bee. You can see the entire transformation from nearly transparent organisms that swim around in fluid to hairy bees with lots of color. It’s really stunning. »5/20/15 1:42pm5/20/15 1:42pm

The Government Has a Plan to Prevent Bees From Going Extinct

A federal task force appointed last year has released its strategy to help save declining bee populations. Bees, along with other insects, bats, and birds, play an important role in agriculture by pollinating crops, but they’ve been dying off in numbers that beekeepers say aren’t economically sustainable. »5/19/15 12:50pm5/19/15 12:50pm

Why Hexagons Are The Best Building Block For Bees and Their Hives

Honeycomb is hexagonal. Not circular. Not square. Not triangular. Why did bees settle on that particular shape? It was no accident; like many of their compatriots in the animal kingdom, it turns out the lil' insects are excellent mathematicians and stellar architects. The repeated pattern makes perfect sense when you… »6/16/14 6:40pm6/16/14 6:40pm

20 million bees swarm out of a truck in Delaware road accident

One of your worst nightmares just happened in Delaware: A truck carrying 460 crated hives from Florida to Maine overturned, breaking and releasing 16 to 20 million angry bees. The police has asked drivers to stay away because they can't do anything about it except spraying them with water to calm them down. »5/21/14 8:42pm5/21/14 8:42pm

Millions of these robotic bees may roam the world in the near future

This science-fiction infomercial was made to raise awareness of the fact that bees—which are crucial for the survival of all species, including ours*—are dying all around the world. The fact is that this video isn't too far from the truth: bees may go extinct if we don't act promptly and scientists are already working… »5/01/14 7:59pm5/01/14 7:59pm

Bees To Humans: We'll Make Hives Out Of Your Plastic Trash

It's hard to be a bee these days, what with the sinister—and still mysterious—Colony Collapse Disorder decimating millions of hives over the past decade. But a few highly resourceful Canadian species have started adapting new nesting techniques, using plain old everyday plastic garbage to build their homes. »2/12/14 10:40am2/12/14 10:40am