Behind the scenes pictures of a NSFW Playboy photoshoot are so awkward

NSFW. This is NSFW guys. If you don't want to see body parts typical of a Playboy photo shoot, do not click. Anyway. NSFW. Here's a collection of images from photographer Patrick Van Dam's book Playboy Behind The Scenes. It shows how those iconic centerfold sausages are made and how hilariously awkward and unsexy it… » 2/22/14 12:09am 2/22/14 12:09am

How To Be A Fly On the Wall From 100 Feet Up

Last month we wrote about what it's like to be a window cleaner in New York City. The New York Times did a video profiling veteran Spiderman Brent Weingard and documenting him cleaning windows or just, you know, hanging out. It was great. But you gotta wonder who was behind the camera on that piece. Because whoever… » 9/22/13 1:05pm 9/22/13 1:05pm

Behind the Scenes at the World's Most Famous Haunted House

Love or hate haunted houses, it's hard to deny the fact that their ability to turn otherwise rational adults into whimpering shells of their former selves is, to say the least, fairly impressive. And now, thanks to the new Haunted Mansion Backstage tumblr, you can see exactly how they turn all that dated robotic tech… » 7/01/13 10:39am 7/01/13 10:39am

How the Old Spice Guy Seduces Your Lady In One Take

The Old Spice Guy's got a pretty good life, doesn't he? Smells great, makes us laugh, really good posture. But those amazing space-shifting commercials he stars in don't just happen by magic. Here's a behind the scenes look at how a go from a mountain to underwater to your fondest dreams, all in a single take. [Old… » 3/03/11 7:40pm 3/03/11 7:40pm