Sony Ericsson G702c (Bei Bei) Touchscreen Candybar All Up in the FCC

A couple months after leaking unofficially, Sony Ericsson's G702 (aka Bei Bei) is getting the official FCC leak. Besides being all touchscreen-y (supports stylus or your digits), it's also got a nubby scroll wheel for navigating its UIQ 3.3 interface with widgets for stuff like weather and YouTube. Integrated GPS… » 5/22/08 2:40pm 5/22/08 2:40pm

Leaked Sony Ericsson "Alona" and "Bei Bei" Cellphones

Just ahead of the big Euro phone show, Mobile World Congress—which our fearless leader is en route to—we've got what looks like leaked snaps of a pair of new Sony Ericssons. The smoky number, Alona, stands out from standard SE design, with an LGish outer coat but very Japanese interior. It's hard to discern… » 2/06/08 6:34pm 2/06/08 6:34pm