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Little Girl Substituted By Cuter Little Girl In Olympic Opening…

We can understand why the footprint fireworks were digitally faked into the live broadcast of the Olympic opening ceremony-because it would have been too dangerous to actually fly a helicopter through those projectiles-but allowing a cuter little girl to karaoke while the originally chosen little girl stood behind the… » 8/12/08 5:39pm 8/12/08 5:39pm

Chinese Farmers Build Birds Nest Stadium Out of Bamboo

The Beijing National Stadium, nicknamed "The Bird's Nest," has already become an icon in the country of 1.3 billion. But for some farmers close to Hangzhou (located in the southeast of China), the Herzog & de Meuron structure was just too darn far away... so in a fit of DIY ingenuity, they built their own replica out… » 8/10/08 2:00pm 8/10/08 2:00pm

A Glimpse At the Tech Behind the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies

So for those of you who caught the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony last night-Holy crap, right? The synchronization, the music, the timed fireworks; it was a spectacle so awesome that for entire stretches of it, I couldn't really think of anything to say but "woah." The show owes a lot of its splendor to the… » 8/09/08 10:00am 8/09/08 10:00am

Beijing's Gigantic LED Wall Is Fully Solar Powered

Say what you will about the fiascoes leading up to the Beijing Olympics, but the event has brought along with it some amazing new architecture. Greeting visitors attending the Xicui entertainment complex near the site of the games is a 20,000 square foot wall of computer-controlled LEDs, the largest of its kind ever… » 5/04/08 12:30pm 5/04/08 12:30pm