Drought Vigilantes Take Matters Into Their Own Hands To Identify the "Wet Prince of Bel Air"

Last month, the Center for Investigative Reporting named a single property owner in Los Angeles as the top water guzzler in California: This person used an astonishing 11.8 million gallons in one year. This person was also given the best nickname ever: “The Wet Prince of Bel Air.” »11/10/15 3:00pm11/10/15 3:00pm


Bel-Air Filtration System Uses Plants to Purify Our Environs

With more than a nod to NASA and James Dyson, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur's Bel-Air purifying system uses plants to keep the atmosphere inside your house clean from nasty pollutants. The pint-sized air-filtration system acts as a miniature greenhouse, stripping the benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene… »11/30/07 5:43am11/30/07 5:43am