John McAfee Tells CNBC That If He's Going To Do Drugs, They're Going To…

Following his deportation from Guatemala, anti-virus mogul turned public train wreck John McAfee is back on U.S. soil. It doesn't seem that he's back on solid ground though, so to speak. Earlier this morning McAfee gave a characteristically far-out interview on CNBC's Squawk Box. » 12/14/12 9:44am 12/14/12 9:44am

John McAfee Is Back on US Soil

John McAfee's been deported from Guatemala, and has arrived back in the US. An American Airlines commercial jet carrying McAfee landed in Miami last night. » 12/13/12 4:26am 12/13/12 4:26am

Now John McAfee Is Writing an Insane Blog While He's in Jail

The John McAfee circus came to a head last night when McAfee was finally arrested in Guatemala. Except uh, now he's blogging from a computer the Guatemalan police gave him in his jail cell. » 12/06/12 10:11am 12/06/12 10:11am

John McAfee Has Finally Been Arrested

According to Reuters, John McAfee has finally been arrested by the police. The anti-virus kingpin has spent the past few weeks on the run from authorities in Belize for his connection with a murder and the general craziness of his life down there. » 12/05/12 9:39pm 12/05/12 9:39pm

McAfee, who has been seeking asylum in Guatemala, has apparently…

Vice Magazine Just Accidentally Revealed Where John McAfee Is Hiding…

Next in line at the great journalistic jungle buffet is Vice, which sent down two dudes to chat with paranoid/fugitive John McAfee and reprint his various insane thoughts. And more: they forgot to clear GPS data in an uploaded photo. » 12/03/12 4:22pm 12/03/12 4:22pm

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Report: John McAfee Captured After Weeks on the Run (Updated: False…

According to John McAfee's official blog, the once anti-virus pioneer has been captured at the border of Belize and Mexico after several weeks on the run from authorities. » 12/01/12 5:30pm 12/01/12 5:30pm

John McAfee Started a Blog About John McAfee

Can't get enough of the wild saga of murder suspect and anti-virus pioneer John McAfee? Great, because he just started a blog about his fugitive life on the lam in Belize. Bless you, internet. » 11/19/12 11:45am 11/19/12 11:45am

John McAfee Reveals His Hiding Place (Updated)

In a too-strange-to-be-true twist on an already bizarre crime story, fugitive tech millionaire John McAfee today revealed where he'd been hiding over the last six days: in his own compound. McAfee, wanted by police in connection with the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull over the weekend, said in a phone interview… » 11/16/12 9:50pm 11/16/12 9:50pm

John McAfee, On the Run, Stops To Ask For Tech Support

John McAfee may still be on the run from authorities in Belize—despite claiming that he is innocent in the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull—but he still has enough free time to post to a private message board asking for information about how phone tracking works. » 11/15/12 10:15am 11/15/12 10:15am

John McAfee Disguises Himself as Murderer

The manic bath-salted odyssey of antivirus magnate John McAfee has taken another sad, strange bend: he's adopted what sounds like the worst disguise in criminal history. » 11/14/12 9:48am 11/14/12 9:48am

Listen to This Insane John McAfee Interview While He's on the Run

John McAfee, the antivirus software kingpin who's wanted for murder but claims he's innocent, is on the run from the police in Belize right now. If he gets caught, he thinks he'll be killed. Even with those dangerous stakes, McAfee talked to Wired to describe the past two days on the lam. The audio of the interview is… » 11/13/12 6:01pm 11/13/12 6:01pm

The Crazy Secret Journal of John McAfee, Volume 1: The Girl Assassin

John McAfee, founder of the eponymous antivirus company, is being sought by police in Belize for questioning about the murder of American expatriate Gregory Faull. (First reported by Gizmodo yesterday.) » 11/13/12 12:05pm 11/13/12 12:05pm

John McAfee Says He's Innocent and Thinks the Murder Was Actually Meant…

John McAfee, the anti-virus software kingpin, is wanted for murder in Belize. He says he didn't do it. And that the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull, might have actually been meant for him. The weirdness that surrounds McAfee is getting even crazier. » 11/12/12 9:20pm 11/12/12 9:20pm

Secrets, Schemes, and Lots of Guns: Inside John McAfee's Heart of…

As dawn broke over the interior of Belize on April 30, an elite team of 42 police and soldiers, including members of the country's SWAT team and Special Forces, converged on a compound on the banks of a jungle river. Within, all was quiet. The police called out through a bullhorn that they were there looking for… » 11/08/12 12:30pm 11/08/12 12:30pm

Meth Labs and Dead Dogs: How the Founder of McAfee Antivirus Went on…

It's been a while since I've posted anything. "I've been busy" is everyone's excuse for laziness, but I can't come up with a better one. For those of you who follow the news in Central America, you will know that I am in hiding in an undisclosed location in Belize. Hiding out is no fun. I've always wondered why people… » 5/24/12 2:30pm 5/24/12 2:30pm

From Antivirus to Antibiotics, McAfee Searches for a Last Cure

Allison Adonizio and John McAfee think they've discovered the next great antibiotic in the jungles of Belize. It's all natural. It's unpatentable. It's untested. And thanks to our business of medicine, it's not coming to America. » 6/22/10 12:20pm 6/22/10 12:20pm