A Touch-Sensitive Belt Lets You Subtly Control a Wearable Display

The first time around, Google Glass wasn’t exactly a runaway hit. But the technology behind it will certainly be improved to the point where it can eventually be integrated into a regular pair of glasses. And for when that day gets here, there’s now a novel and subtle way to navigate your wearable display using the… »4/23/15 10:15am4/23/15 10:15am


Batman Utility Belt PC is Better Than a Face Full of Acid

Made for the Mod Shop's Comic Book Challenge, this Batman Utility Belt PC is, well, it is what it is. There are wires interconnecting the various parts—you can see the power supply's yellow tentacles snaking all throughout the setup—as well as green liquid cooling tubes making sure everything is cool. Cool in the way… »4/21/08 6:00pm4/21/08 6:00pm