Unfortunately This Belt Buckle Doesn't Undo With the Click of a Mouse

That would just be too easy. But rest assured, whichever OS your allegiance lies with is supported by Etsy sellers Getting Weddy, who have both Mac and PC belt buckles starting from $15. Or further display your geek cred, and make your own. [Etsy via Technabob] » 7/12/11 7:00am 7/12/11 7:00am

The 'Barack' Obaba Spycam Belt Buckle

That's not a typo. You can celebrate the inauguration the old fashioned way, with a spycam/DVR belt buckle featuring a visage that in no way resembles our future President. » 1/20/09 10:50am 1/20/09 10:50am

MP3 Belt Buckle Activates With Hip Thrusts

I've always preferred my belt buckles covered in rhinestones, eagles and American flags from various historical eras/political affiliations. But I could tolerate the existence of a circuit board MP3 player belt buckle. » 1/12/09 9:11am 1/12/09 9:11am

MP3-Playing, Photo Frame Skull Belt Buckle is Gothic Gadget Wrongness

Sadly this doesn't have "I am become death, the bringer of MP3s" inscribed upon it—it'd chime nicely with the ohmygod tackiness of the Digital Skull Belt Buckle. It's in fact so terrible it's wonderful: A metal belt-buckle in the shape of a skull with interchangeable modules in a cutout in the forehead. One's a cheesy… » 11/17/08 5:52am 11/17/08 5:52am

Dealzmodo: 500 Free BeatBuckles on Thursday

Nerdyshirts is giving away 500 BeatBuckles on Thursday to a bunch of random customers. For those of you with too much taste to remember, the BeatBuckle is a belt that holds your iPod (previous generation) on your belt, so you can combine the theft-friendly conspicuousness of a belt clip with the "I'm an asshole" of a… » 9/17/07 7:30pm 9/17/07 7:30pm

Egokast Video Belt Buckle

Bah. Who needs a LED belt-buckle when you can go balls to the wall with a full color LCD belt buckle like this one from Egokast? The idea behind this is pretty simple, it is a 3-inch screen mounted on a stainless steel case that can attach to any standard belt. To play video all you need to do is insert an SD memory… » 6/24/06 6:43pm 6/24/06 6:43pm