Seeing a leather belt get hand made is so satisfying

A belt is so simple, it's just fabric that ties together to hold up your pants. But in this video, you see how considered the process of making a leather belt is. Each feature of the belt, whether it be the holes or the rivets or the buckle or the color, is carefully handled and made. I love watching this much… » 12/23/14 8:13pm 12/23/14 8:13pm

Be Thankful For the Invisible Belt That Saves Earth From Radiation

Well, here's something cosmic to be thankful for this weekend. A NASA-led study of the Van Allen radiation belts has uncovered new information about the invisible "shield" that keeps harmful ultrarelativistic electrons from the Earth. » 11/26/14 6:00pm 11/26/14 6:00pm

A Removable Belt Buckle That Makes Airport Security a Breeze

If you're tired of almost having to completely undress as you're herded like cattle through airport security, there's an entire subset of the clothing industry designed to make that ordeal a little more bearable. Like Hummus Apparel's new line of belts featuring a buckle that can be easily slipped off and dropped in a… » 6/02/14 9:40am 6/02/14 9:40am

The Magic of Magnets Can Now Even Keep Your Pants Up

The belt buckle can trace its roots back thousands of years, and the design and functionality of the average buckle hasn't changed for centuries. But it's the year 2013 now, and in addition to intelligent watches and robot maids, we deserve a smarter way to keep our pants up. And thanks to the mysterious miracles… » 10/28/13 10:04am 10/28/13 10:04am

The Smuggler's Belt Helps Sneak Your Stash Around

You know those money belts over-cautious dorky tourists wear when they go to Europe? The Smuggler's Belt is like that only much, much cooler. » 2/13/13 12:00pm 2/13/13 12:00pm

This Survival Belt Is Beyond Hideous, But It Could Save Someone's Life

It's not the most stylish accessory to wrap around your waist, but Col. Littleton's No. 11 Survival Belt could be a valuable addition to your emergency preparedness kit. Not only is it going to keep your pants up, it's also made with 27 feet of military-tough paracord perfect for rescues or tethering yourself to a… » 10/29/12 7:20pm 10/29/12 7:20pm

An Arcade Coin Slot Belt Would Be Creepy If It Weren't So Awesome

The light up coin slot belt buckle is made from recycled arcade game parts and in addition to holding your pants up, it doubles as a great date-repellant. » 9/17/12 4:40pm 9/17/12 4:40pm

Unfortunately This Belt Buckle Doesn't Undo With the Click of a Mouse

That would just be too easy. But rest assured, whichever OS your allegiance lies with is supported by Etsy sellers Getting Weddy, who have both Mac and PC belt buckles starting from $15. Or further display your geek cred, and make your own. [Etsy via Technabob] » 7/12/11 7:00am 7/12/11 7:00am

Folding Travel Belt From Hermès Will Set You Back $750

I know Hermès is a high-end brand and all, but $750 for a folding belt just takes the piss. I do like the way it folds out like a carpenter's measuring tape though—smart. [Selectism via Acquire via OhGizmo] » 5/14/10 5:13am 5/14/10 5:13am

Tough Times Belt Puncher: Try the Recession Diet

Taken literally, the idiom "tighten your belt" means it's time to cut back on your strict bacon diet in lean economic times. A recession diet calls for sacrifice—and this belt puncher can help. » 2/16/09 11:00am 2/16/09 11:00am

Kickbee: Now the World Can Know What Your Fetus is Up To

Corey Menscher, in a fit of fatherly devotion, constructed a device that notifies him when his unborn baby kicks inside the womb. Even better, he's training his kid to post on Twitter right from conception. » 12/13/08 2:00pm 12/13/08 2:00pm

Buckle-less Belt Goes Against All T's Principles

Yeah, me again. I got into the Gizmodo office using a trebuchet Hannibal and I constructed from a drainpipe, a coupla ball bearings, some old tyre rubber that I ripped with my bare hands and a buckle-less belt. Now this ain't no infomercial brought to you on the QVCQVT shopping channel, but I am Mr T and I approve… » 4/01/08 5:54am 4/01/08 5:54am

686 Snow Tool Belt Just Needs Batarangs

In our never-ending quest of building our own super-powered utility belt, we came across this 686 Snow Toolbelt. While appearing to be a normal pant-holder-upper, this snowboarder waistpiece is really packing two screwdrivers, a hex socket wrench and one ever-useful bottle opener. BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow quite… » 2/25/08 10:36am 2/25/08 10:36am

Belt Lighter, Like a Cancer Inducing Batman Utility Belt

Sometimes the simplest ideas end up being the most convenient. The buckle on this belt is actually a removable lighter. I highly doubt this one will get through airport security, but if you aren't trying to fly, then there is no worry about misplacing that lighter ever again. We don't need no water, let the motha'… » 9/01/06 12:42pm 9/01/06 12:42pm

TuneBuckle iPod Belt Doesn't Suck

Before you start yammering about how this is "yet another iPod belt" and what not, let me bring this to your attention: It actually looks like a real belt. Yes, TuneBuckle is made of fine quality leather that comes in black and real metal buckles so you don't look like a total ass. The iPod Nano slips into the front… » 1/10/06 6:58pm 1/10/06 6:58pm