Ben Heck Shows You How To Build an Apple-1 Replica From Scratch

Few of us have the $905,000 needed to purchase one of the remaining original Apple-1 computers that *Steve Wozniak built in Steve Jobs' garage, but modder-extraordinaire Ben Heck has the next best thing: a new three-part series of tutorial videos showing you how to build a fully-functional Apple-1 replica from scratch. » 11/10/14 11:08am 11/10/14 11:08am

Ben Heck Ends the Console Wars By Cramming Them All Into One Box

Hacker, modder, and DIYer extraordinaire Ben Heck has seemingly done the impossible with his latest project. For years a fierce battle has raged between proponents of the big three gaming consoles, but to finally bring peace and civility to gaming forums across the land, Heck created an all-in-one console that… » 3/12/13 9:21am 3/12/13 9:21am

How to Give a Keyboard FPS-Friendly Joystick Precision

Die-hard first person shooter fans might swear by the accuracy and precision of their PC keyboards. But those digital keys don't provide as much finesse as the analog joysticks on console controllers. So Ben Heck levels the playing field with this analog keyboard hack. » 11/27/12 1:19pm 11/27/12 1:19pm

Autonomous Robot Luggage Probably Isn't Airport Security-Approved

Ben Heck makes it easier to traverse those long airport corridors with this autonomous luggage that follows behind you like a small toddler. Leaving your hands free for holding travel documents, food, or just pushing people out of the way. » 3/20/12 11:20am 3/20/12 11:20am

How To Build a $10 Android Wind-Up Charger

Click to viewIf you find that your Android phone always runs out of juice at the most inopportune times, never fear! Supermodder Ben Heck has heard your pleas, and is here to teach you how to build one cheap, hand-cranked Android charger. » 1/25/11 12:20am 1/25/11 12:20am

Rugged PS3 Casemod is Going Straight to Afghanistan

Notorious modder Ben Heck didn't specify whether this PS3 casemod is going to be lugged to Afghanistan by a soldier or not, but with a 22-inch screen, inbuilt speakers, TV tuner and hidey-hole compartment, it's ideal for wartime downtime. [BenHeck] » 12/21/10 6:20am 12/21/10 6:20am

Ben Heck's Latest Hack Detaches Laptop Screen for Inflight Comfort

Flying in coach—not that comfortable. Flying in coach and using a laptop—even less comfortable. Ben Heck's hacked laptop, with a screen that swings around on stilts—more comfortable, and a hell of a good idea. » 11/09/10 9:00pm 11/09/10 9:00pm

Bag of Rice and Duct Tape Modify Xbox 360 Controller For Disabled Use

As you know, duct tape can be used for pretty much anything, and rice fills a large hole when needed. Coupled with some Xbox 360 controller parts though, they can make a disabled chap get his game on. » 6/08/10 4:50am 6/08/10 4:50am

A Fleeting Glimpse Inside Ben Heck's Modding Dungeon

Nilay from Engadget took a little road trip to visit Benjamin Heckendorn, gadget modder extraordinaire, in his natural habitat: Suburban Madison, Wisconsin. » 10/19/09 12:58pm 10/19/09 12:58pm

Ben Heck's PS3 Slim Laptop is Monochromatic Cool

Modder extraordinaire, Ben Heck, is back in form with a sleek pin-striped laptop based on the new PS3 Slim. Like his Xbox 360 laptop, it has a big 17-inch Gateway 1775W screen (1280 x 720 resolution). Watch his walk-through: » 10/01/09 4:33am 10/01/09 4:33am

Ben Heck's Latest Atari 800 Laptop Could Be His Best Yet

With the help of a GameCube power supply and the malleable magic hands of master modder Ben Heck, one lucky client can now play Buck Rogers and other classics on a positively portable Atari 800 laptop. » 9/13/09 5:00pm 9/13/09 5:00pm

Ben Heck's New Commodore 64 Laptop Going Up For Auction For Charity

Ben Heck, console modder extraordinaire, has just finished up his newest Commodore 64 laptop, and he's auctioning it off for charity. » 7/01/09 1:20pm 7/01/09 1:20pm

Super Advantage Custom Xbox Controller Loses an Analog Stick, Gains…

This may look like an old SNES gamepad, but oh, it isn't. No, it's a custom Xbox 360 gamepad. And sure, it lost an analog stick somewhere in its creation process, but it's still so damned cool. » 5/27/09 6:20pm 5/27/09 6:20pm

Dreamcast Tablet Is Cast From The Mold of My Dreams

Doing one better than the endless console-to-laptop mods out there, this minimalist tablet conversion flattens an entire Dreamcast into a sleek, tray-loading LCD screen. Nothing is overlooked here—it's even got batteries. » 3/31/09 7:50am 3/31/09 7:50am

Ben Heck's Blow-Powered Kick Pedal Lets People in Wheelchairs Enjoy…

Super-modder Ben Heck has used his powers for good. Again! This time, he's helping the wheelchair-bound enjoy Guitar Hero 4's drums by using a blow-tube to operate the kick pedal. » 3/04/09 12:45am 3/04/09 12:45am

Homemade Portable Playstation Won't Win Any Beauty Contests

Normally, the portable consoles that spring forth from the handy folks at the Ben Heck forums are sleek, professional-looking affairs. This wooden PS1? Not so much. » 2/02/09 12:00pm 2/02/09 12:00pm

Tiny Portable N64 is A Battery Away from Perfection

Modder extraordinaire Ben Heck is growing disciples like Chia Pets, and his forum poster SifuF's new Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R is an incredible little portable N64. We're sure he's made the Heckster proud. » 12/27/08 9:45am 12/27/08 9:45am

How To Buy the Cool-Running Xbox 360 'Jasper'

While Xbox 360s have become increasingly capable at handling their crippling heat defects, you still want the newest, coolest 360 you can buy. Right now, that's the "Jasper" edition, featuring a new 65nm GPU. » 12/11/08 9:40am 12/11/08 9:40am

Console Modder Ben Heck Making Film Starring Giant Robotic Possum

It's called Possumus Woman » 8/13/08 1:40pm 8/13/08 1:40pm, and he's almost done with it. I think this picture of fighting said marsupial in the back of a flatbed ("the most complex scene") kind of says it all-let us know when there's an Xbox 360 inside that robo-possum, Ben! []