Ben Heck Ends the Console Wars By Cramming Them All Into One Box

Hacker, modder, and DIYer extraordinaire Ben Heck has seemingly done the impossible with his latest project. For years a fierce battle has raged between proponents of the big three gaming consoles, but to finally bring peace and civility to gaming forums across the land, Heck created an all-in-one console that… » 3/12/13 9:21am 3/12/13 9:21am

Ben Heck Mods Atari 7800 into Portable Retro-Gaming Wonder

Modding clever-clogs Ben Heck was apparently daunted by the complexity of the Atari 7800's internals at first, so he had to summon up the nerve to try this requested mod. Into the custom-built chassis he squeezed a 7-inch color widescreen display, a set of rechargeable batteries, combo driving/paddle controller and an… » 6/19/08 7:27am 6/19/08 7:27am