Watch a Chunk of Lava Stone Get Grafted Onto a Carbon Fiber Bench

The making-of video for Peugeot Design Lab's latest project contains no words—it doesn't need any, since it shows every step of the process: From blasting a huge chunk of volcanic stone from its resting place to crafting a piece of carbon fiber to perfectly fit the rock's jagged profile. The resulting bench looks like… »4/03/14 5:08pm4/03/14 5:08pm


Park Bench-Sized Ghetto Blaster Plays Music Via Bluetooth

At last you can avoid the hassle of taking your Lasonic Ghetto Blaster »11/19/08 11:17pm11/19/08 11:17pm every single time you go to the park: Now the park will have boom boxes the size of a park bench, with more than 500 watts of high quality ghetto thump. You only need a cellphone with Bluetooth audio support, and the Boom Bench will be yours to…