Boston Is Getting Solar-Powered Smart Benches in Its Parks

The next park bench you sit on may be smarter than you think. Boston is rolling out new smart benches to parks around the city, which will use solar power to allow anyone to charge their phone on the go and record data about their surroundings at the same time. » 6/30/14 6:40am 6/30/14 6:40am

More than 300 years ago, settlers traveling up the St. Lawrence River founded the small town of Verchères. To commemorate the landing, Quebec architects Les Ateliers Guyon recently installed these elegant outdoor seats along the river's banks. The idea is to transport the "to the seventeenth century, a time without… » 2/03/14 10:50am 2/03/14 10:50am

Adjustable Firehose Swings Turn the World Into a Playground

Sitting is fantastic, but benches are boring. Imagine if the world was just littered with hammocks and swings for your own extravagant public lounging pleasure. These clever transforming swings could make that a blissfully lazy reality. » 8/05/13 2:40pm 8/05/13 2:40pm

This Is the Propane Tank Bench of Hank Hill's Dreams

The King of the Hill definitely never went this far with his love for an open flame. Meet Colin Selig, a California designer who fabricates sleek, sinuous couches out of metal sheets cut from empty propane tanks. » 5/31/13 9:55am 5/31/13 9:55am

This Bench Looks Like It Has Wheels for Legs

Maybe it's not a shocking revelation that a wooden bench used to be a tree, but the reason this bench is such a surprising piece of furniture is precisely because it confronts that reality head on. Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is tell truth, and in this case, truth is beauty. » 6/12/12 6:40pm 6/12/12 6:40pm

Oh Great, Now Our Benches Are Tweeting

Sometimes it's nice to just sit down in a park bench and contemplate your existence. Solitude. Tranquility. Or, you can have pictures of your sit-down meditation broadcast across the internet via Twitter. That will certainly make me feel relaxed. » 4/26/11 3:20pm 4/26/11 3:20pm

It's a Chair, It's Made From Wood and It's Flexible?

Wooden furniture is easy on the eyes, but not always the most comfortable thing to sit on for extended periods. This "Spring Wood" design aims to change that, by cutting wooden chairs in such a way that they become flexible. » 1/05/11 5:40pm 1/05/11 5:40pm

This is a Toolbox With Far Too Many Uses

Like the spork or Bosch corkscrew/screwdriver, Marlon Darbeau's Peera is not a bench with just one function. It also doubles up as a toolbox and table, and probably even makes a sandwich if you say "please" and "thank-you" kindly. » 12/17/10 8:00am 12/17/10 8:00am

Park Bench-Sized Ghetto Blaster Plays Music Via Bluetooth

At last you can avoid the hassle of taking your Lasonic Ghetto Blaster » 11/19/08 11:17pm 11/19/08 11:17pm every single time you go to the park: Now the park will have boom boxes the size of a park bench, with more than 500 watts of high quality ghetto thump. You only need a cellphone with Bluetooth audio support, and the Boom Bench will be yours to…

Bio Bench

Not sure if you're supposed to sit on this until you feel a tickle, but this is a biobench made of recycled cardboard cylinders containing grass seeds. The bench will eventually biodegrade and turn into a big lump of grassy mulch, but until then you can sit on it. Available individually or as a set and created by … » 6/02/06 6:29pm 6/02/06 6:29pm

LED Light Bench - You Light Up My Rear

German manufacturer, Runge (makers of all things benchy), has released a Light Bench. Sitting on this bench is like having a rainbow explode underneath your buttocks and believe me, it is as good as it sounds. These benches use LED lighting to illuminate the surrounding area with a selection of non-natural colors that… » 7/22/05 12:31pm 7/22/05 12:31pm