The beautiful process of making a Beretta shotgun is hypnotizing

Here's a short film by Ancarani Studio that shows the process of making a Beretta shotgun. It's an artistic take on the process so shots are dolled up and it's not like every Beretta gun comes with its own birth movie but I love seeing how futuristic robots and old fashioned human craftsmanship work together. » 12/15/14 10:22pm 12/15/14 10:22pm

Apple's Superstar Designer Marc Newson Redesigned This Classic Shotgun

The design world hyperventilated when it was announced that Marc Newson would be going to work with his best bud Jony Ive at Apple. But that doesn't mean all of his work will be done inside the spaceship, and now Newson has revealed another project: Redesigning one of the most iconic firearms in history. » 11/14/14 12:11pm 11/14/14 12:11pm

Berretta Extrema2: In the Hands of a Master

If you're a trap or skeet shooter, you know how your shoulder feels after firing off a few cases of shotgun shells at those defenseless clay pigeons. Beretta comes to the rescue with its Xtrema2 Recoiless Shotgun, a gas-operated shooter with a hydraulic recoil damper which keeps that sucker from knocking you over… » 7/06/06 11:09am 7/06/06 11:09am