Get Drunk With Creatures, Manage Your Shopiholism, Learn From Neato People, and More

TGIF! How's this for a weekend ritual. You're going to get together with your friends, play a drinking game, stay up late, and then impulse buy a bunch of stuff online. The next day, you'll feel bad, go for a nature hike, and educate yourself to revamp your spirits. These apps will help you do all of these things. »3/09/12 6:15pm3/09/12 6:15pm

Google Docs Goes Offline, Sync Photos to DropBox, Stream Music, and Play a Darwinian Puzzle Game

Managing content on your Android gets to be a pain pretty quick. How much music can I put on here? Did I sync all those photos to my computer? Is this document the most up-to-date version? This week's app picks help make managing those things a snap. Oh, and we've got a pretty sweet game, too. »2/03/12 6:00pm2/03/12 6:00pm

Stop Getting Lost, Do Some Hybrid Mining, Scan for Deals, and Record Your Friends

Living in a city means that sometimes you need a little help getting around. There's always a street you've never heard of that you need to get to. We found a series of apps that'll help you find that hidden club. Plus, we play a Minecraft/Minesweeper crossover game, go hunting for deals, and make quality recordings… »1/27/12 6:40pm1/27/12 6:40pm