Save on a Chromecast or Pebble Watch with a .edu Email Address

If you haven't picked up a Chromecast for every TV in your home yet, Best Buy has one of the first discounts we've seen on the little dongle today. If you can furnish the site with a valid .edu email address, you'll be able to pick one up for $30, or $5 less than retail. » 11/04/13 12:28pm 11/04/13 12:28pm

Where to Sell Your iPad or iPad Mini For the Most Money

Next Tuesday Apple is hosting its annual iPad-palooza where it will surely show us iPads big and small. But before the big event, you might want to get rid of your old 'pad to recoup some cash. So where to sell your tablet for the most moolah? » 10/17/13 2:35pm 10/17/13 2:35pm

Artist Pranks Best Buy Shoppers With a Fake Useless Plastic Black Box

Shopping for electronics at Best Buy already feels like some kind of hidden camera prank, with staff who never want to help and rarely know a thing about the gear they're selling. But an artist who refers to himself as Plastic Jesus—which apparently is not a gag—took things one step further by secretly stocking Best… » 8/15/13 12:01pm 8/15/13 12:01pm

Chromecast Is Back In Stock At Best Buy (Updated)

Google's Chromecast streaming TV dongle is once again available from Best Buy (Update: it's on 1-2 week backorder again). As before, the unit costs $35, with free shipping. With lots of capability and a steadily increasing list of streaming services supporting it, Chromecast sold out quickly when it first hit the… » 8/01/13 12:44pm 8/01/13 12:44pm

Best Buy Will Give You At Least $200 for Your Old iPad 2 or iPad 3

That old iPad 2 of yours too blurry for your precious eyes? That fantastically beautiful screen on the iPad 3 too heavy to lift for your puny muscles? Best Buy is willing to take those old tablets off your hands for at least 200 bucks. This Friday June 12th and Saturday June 13th, Best Buy is doing a trade-in event… » 7/11/13 7:37pm 7/11/13 7:37pm

Reminder: Being On Sale Doesn't Make Something a Deal

One of Best Buy's daily deals today is $40 off the Hipstreet Equinox 2. Normally retailing for $180, the 10.1-inch Android 4.0 tablet can be yours this very Friday for a mere $140, which is $40 closer to the roughly zero dollars it's worth. Remember, kids: a sale and a deal are two entirely different things. » 2/01/13 9:50am 2/01/13 9:50am

Best Buy's Got a Crazy Sale on the MacBook Air

Best Buy apparently didn't lose enough money matching Walmart's iPhone prices. Now it's running an absurd two day sale on MacBook Airs. You can save $200 off four 2012 models, which is the deepest discount on a new MacBook Air Dealzmodo has ever seen. The promotion is running through tomorrow, so you've got a day to… » 1/25/13 11:03am 1/25/13 11:03am