Battle Your Facebook Friends, Netflix Gets Purdy, Learn the Geetar, and Run Down Hookers on Your iPad

Remember the first time you played Grand Theft Auto III? You could go anywhere! You could beat up the cops, start a riot, shoot dock workers. It was like running around inside Quentin Tarantino's head. Now all that magic is on iOS, and dammit I couldn't be more excited. Plus, take out your annoying Facebook friends,… »12/16/11 6:00pm12/16/11 6:00pm

Play as the Dark Knight or Michael Jackson, Revel in the Space Shuttle, and Cut Your Meat

Would you rather be the King of Pop or the Dark Knight? These are the decisions that used to keep me up at night. But no more! I also wanted to fly the Space Shuttle, that ain't gonna happen. But at least there's an app that lets me relive the glory of its launches. And finally, we have another meat app for you. Meaty… »12/09/11 6:00pm12/09/11 6:00pm