A Front-Loading Toolbox Means You'll Never Dig for Buried Pliers Again

Can the iconic red metal toolbox ever really be improved? One would assume it was too timeless a design to mess with, but Best Made has come up with a brilliant way to make them even better. Instead of having to empty its contents to reach a tool buried at the bottom, this revamped design features a front-loading… »5/13/13 5:00pm5/13/13 5:00pm


Could There Be a Cooler Maurice Sendak Tribute Than This Awesome Axe?

Maurice Sendak was important to us here at Gizmodo: His stories inspired us to follow our own internal compasses when our parents told us to stop wasting our time skateboarding or making movies or playing with gadgets. In an unhappy coincidence, we visited Best Made Co.'s New York City workshop on the day of… »5/10/12 5:00pm5/10/12 5:00pm